THE FOOTY JUMPER BOOK - by Tim Rath & Andrew Gigacz

THE FOOTY JUMPER BOOK - by Tim Rath & Andrew Gigacz

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The first book of its kind chronicling a piece of Australian history: the vintage Australian Rules football jumper.

A coffee table style book, it features photographs of more than 320 vintage Australian football jumpers spanning 1890's through to 1990's, representing teams from all parts of the country & all levels of the game. Where known, the book tells the story of each jumper; the team, player who wore it and that person's recollections of their time in football.

The Footy Jumper Book takes the reader from the big leagues to the bush, highlighting jumpers that are iconic, through to those that are unusual. There are jumpers such as Leigh Matthews' Hawthorn guernsey, Polly Farmer's State guernsey and Ron Barassi's Melbourne guernsey, through to jumpers from long lost teams from places like Victoria's Mallee region, where once thirty two teams were subsumed into one over the space of several decades.

A collaboration between more than 120 former players, collectors and clubs throughout Australia, the book is unique in its scope and scale; never before has there been such a substantive record of the designs, teams, players and stories from our indigenous game. Focuses include Jumpers through the decades, State & Territory Jumpers, Representative Jumpers, Club Jumpers, Lace-up jumpers, Swapped jumpers, Distinctive jumpers, School jumpers, high-numbered jumpers, women's jumpers, national and award jumpers, teams that have changed colours and more.